Creating a meditation space at home

I’d love to help you set up your meditation space!

And why should you create a meditation space in your home?

Yes, you can absolutely meditate anywhere, but having a designated space in your home for meditating can make all the difference in your meditation experience.  

It’s one of the best ways to set yourself up for success in creating a regular meditation practice.

Here are 3 reasons to create a space in your home:

1.  A calm, inspired outer space will open you up to create a calm, inspired inner space.

2. Decreasing physical clutter and chaos will provide the atmosphere to decrease inner clutter and chaos.

3. Your space will draw you in each day and inspire you to commit to your meditation practice.


What it doesn’t need to be:
An entire room 


Don’t overthink it.  This will only delay the process of just starting. Trust me I’ve been there.  

I put off creating gardens in my yard for years because I had this idea that I needed to make extravagant changes to the landscape…year after year, I said “I’ll plant the plants when I tear down the old shed” or “when I re-route the brook further from my back door” and “”maybe after I hire someone with a back hoe to make the ground more level in the backyard…then it will be perfect for planting.”  

Finally one year, I decided to to start clearing small spaces and begin planting. And my gardens are amazing.  The garden labyrinth is now 5 semi-circles around the large rock and oak tree in my back yard.  It’s not quite a labyrinth…yet…but the vision is there and each year I make progress, adding new plants, tilling small sections of the soil, and enjoying watching the native plants pop up freely.

If you’re anything like me, you want things perfect and this perfectionism gets in the way of the doing. And the committing.

Keep it simple and work with what you have.  You can always adjust it as you go.

As you know, my meditations typically include a cup of tea. So this means my perfect space is in my kitchen close to the stove and tea supplies.  I find this perfect, my kitchen island.  I have a comfy chair and a place for my meditation cards, journal, and a cup of tea.

I tend to get my physical space cluttered when I work at home, papers everywhere, new projects started and half complete, and I love cooking, drying herbs and fruits, and creating art. My kitchen island is the place where all those things happen. 

So you’d think this would be the last place I’d want for a meditation space.  

But for me, it works wonders.  

Since I know that I’ll be sitting down for my morning meditation at the island, the last thing I do each evening is clear the day’s clutter from this space.  I organize everything and put it back in its place….most days I do this.  On the days I don’t, my meditation is delayed… even put off entirely, because there’s too much on my mind.  I’m still a work in progress:)

But the good thing is I’m able to reflect on this…how the end of the day clutter follows me to the next day. 

I make a choice  based on this question: “How do I want to start my day tomorrow?” When I take the time to ask myself this at the end of the day, I know that the most important thing for me is to clear my space.

It’s that simple.

I prioritize my space for Convenience and Comfort

Here’s what my meditation space includes:

1.  A place to write 

I enjoy writing on a flat surface rather than holding my journal on my lap —so the kitchen island is perfect.  

2. Live plants

My indoor plants include a lemon tree, orange tree, kaffir lime tree, cinnamon tree, jasmine plants, a yerba mate plant, and a bay tree—all have leaves that can be used for tea.  

If you don’t have any house plants, consider getting at least one. 

Studies have shown that having plants in your home have the following health benefits:

  • Improved concentration
  • Increased attention span
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Elevated mood

  If having a plant is not your thing or you don’t have the space, I’d suggest having a spot by a window that overlooks a tree or even grass.

3. Soothing colors

I recently repainted my kitchen, which was a historic golden yellow and I chose this beautiful green that compliments all the house plants. Wow, has that improved the atmosphere.

4. Natural lighting  

If you don’t have windows in your meditation area, choose light bulbs that feel good to you. (I prefer “daylight” bulbs…you may like these or some people prefer the “cool white” or the “soft white” bulbs.)

5. A comfortable chair

My tendency is to be a sloucher, so I love good back support. 

6. Access to my stove and tea supplies

I have a whole ritual I do in the morning that involves enjoying a cup of tea .   The first step is to  turn on my kettle and begin to “empty my cup”—this is the technique to clear my head space… I’ll share this technique with you in the next post …(Part 2: Creating a meditation space in your head)

I highly recommend including tea in your meditations.  Click here to download our FREE Starter Kit for information on choosing teas for you meditation.

Let’s get going and create a meditation space that works for you!


OK, so I said don’t overthink it…but I’d love to help you get some inspiration for your meditation space.

Visit our Pinterest Board “Create a Home Meditation Space”.  

Just don’t get lost in there, come back home, and create your perfect spot.


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