Kara Lynch, Meditative Artist

Meditative Art….where a calm physical space creates a calm inner space.

Tea Meditation Collection

Zen is a type of Buddhism that focuses on a continuous state of mindfulness and awareness which is simply being in the present moment without attachments, judgement, fears, or anxieties related to the past or the future.  


When you enter a Zen temple, you remove your shoes.  The belief is “where you leave your shoes, you leave yourself too.” This means, you leave your ego, your judgement, your fears, and your perspectives behind. By letting go, you open yourself to a new awareness.


To the Zen Masters, tea is also very symbolic.  In the practice of Zen, tea is not just a drink, it’s a meditation. When someone says “have a cup of tea” it means “have a cup of awareness”.  


The cup is symbolic of the body.  The tea is awareness.  


When you empty your cup, you empty your mind of attachments, judgements, fears, anxieties, and your perspectives.  And you ingest awareness. 


In Kara’s Tea Meditation Collection, she illustrates a teacup in each painting…this is an invitation for you to empty your cup and bring in awareness and the wisdom of the herbs.



Mandala Collection

Artist Bio

Kara Lynch is an acrylic print maker, collage artist, and meditation coach living in Burlington, CT. While mostly self-taught, she refined her skills and style from joining art classes at local art centers, taking online classes, and hiring a mentor for private art lessons.  


Her main inspiration comes from a love of nature, especially herbs that are used in teas. She spends hours in her gardens and visits local nurseries for inspiration. She is also intrigued by the ancient art of mandalas.   


Kara creates hand printed paper using acrylic paints on gelli plates, creating textures and patterns in the paint from hand made stamps and items found in nature. All of her collages are created with her handmade prints.


Her style is minimalist with a meditative quality of repetitive patterns and shapes with brilliant contrasting colors. 


Kara’s favorite tool is a white acrylic pen that adds a crisp, clean contrast to the brightly colored, textured designs.


Her collages are a perfect addition to any meditation space in your home.


One of Kara’s favorite past-times is doing jigsaw puzzles.  She finds the relationship between the puzzler and artist fascinating. The artist presents the gift of an inspired piece. The puzzler becomes the artist as he or she organizes and places each piece. Although they are separated by time and distance, the artist and puzzler become intimately connected through their own creative processes and focus on a shared work. And what joy for the artist to know that piece by piece another has immersed themselves and thoughtfully explored every detail of their work.

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