Nothing happening yet in meditation?

We know meditation practice can be discouraging at times, so we wanted to share some encouraging thoughts to help you keep with your practice.

Sleep, Creep, Leap is a common gardening term that applies well to meditation practice.

During the first year when a plant is transplanted to a new environment it appears to Sleep. It seems to just be sitting there with little to no visible growth.

When you see nothing growing, you feel disappointed and wonder if you’re doing something wrong.

What’s really happening is that all the energy is going to the root system, building a strong foundation.

In the next stage, it Creeps. With a strong root system, the aerial portions begin to grow. The plant grows taller and begins to noticeably spread out to the surrounding areas. This is when things begin to get exciting….because you know all your efforts are beginning to pay off.

And then, finally, it Leaps! The plant takes off. It’s reaching out toward its full potential. The beauty!…you’re reminded that patience, trust, and persistence gets results.

This process will all happen in your meditation practice.


Be patient in your meditation.


When you don’t see changes immediately, just remind yourself that when nothing appears to be happening, you are really constructing a strong foundation. 


You’re developing your root system. 


Knowing this will sustain you when the conditions above ground are stormy or not moving in the direction you desire, yet. 


So often we want to see immediate results and quit prematurely.


Sleep, Creep, Leap is a reminder that just because you don’t see changes happening immediately,  it doesn’t mean that wondrous things aren’t happening within you.

You’ve got this!

Enjoy a cup of tea!

Kara and Josh