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POOR ME: the Power of Observing, Owning, and Releasing My Emotions
(No apologies, guilt, or judgement. Your emotions are your guide.)

Your chakras are concentrations of energy located along your spine from your tailbone to the top of your head.
The chakras have been a focus of healing among many traditions for thousands of years.
Your chakras affect all parts of your being, including your attitudes, beliefs, and responses to situations.  When your chakras are in balance, you feel healthy and happy with a sense of inner peace.
All the Wisdom and Strength to reach your full potential resides within your 7 Chakras.
Our mission is to help you tap into this Wisdom and Strength with our Chakra Tea Meditations, so you can become the person you love.

We’ll help you release the emotions and thoughts
that are getting in your way with our healing
Chakra Tea Meditations

(and yes, you can learn to meditate…it’s as simple as enjoying a cup of herbal tea)

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