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We'd like to help you awaken your full potential!

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Chakra Meditation Music

Our downloadable album includes 7 20-minute chakra music meditations created to align with the energy of your 7 chakras.

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Chakra Tea Meditation Card Deck

49 Illustrated Cards:  each card defines a strength that will help you awaken your full potential.  Includes instructions for journaling and meditations.

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Enjoy a cup of tea!

We’d like to invite you to enjoy a cup of tea as you begin to tap into your full potential. Simply prepare a cup of your favorite herbal tea…

Let's meditate!

All the Wisdom and Strength to reach your full potential resides within your 7 Chakras.

Our mission is to help you tap into this Wisdom and Strength with our Chakra Tea Meditations, so you can become the person you love.

Chakra Tea Meditations Awakening your full potential


POOR ME: The Power of Observing, Owning, and Releasing My Emotions

We’ll help you release the emotions and thoughts that are getting in your way with our healing Chakra Tea Meditations

Don’t have time to meditate?

Let us help. It’s as simple as enjoying a cup of tea!

Become the person you love!

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Plus receive our latest blog posts and information on our exciting new products.

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