the Power of Observing, Owning, and Releasing My Emotions
Through Exercising Awareness

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Are you tired of your thoughts and emotions getting in your way?
Are you ready to start creating the relationships and the life that you desire?

Step 1: Quiet Your Mind and Observe

Quieting your mind with Chakra Breathing Meditations

Your chakras are circles of energy in your body.
Each chakra is associated with different thought processes.
When your thoughts are chaotic, so is the energy in your chakras.
You may physically feel it as a ball of stress or anxiety.

(0:20) This is what a chaotic chakra looks like…with thoughts flying through
(0:26 One breath, Chakra Breathing)
(0:39 calm, balanced chakra)

When you practice chakra breathing,
Your energy calms
Your mind becomes quiet
And you feel relaxed
This allows wisdom and guidance to enter.

Questions you may have…

What are the chakras?

The chakras are concentrations of energy within your body.  The chakras have been a focus of healing for thousands of years.

There are 7 chakras located from the top of your head to the base of your spine.  Each chakra is related to different thought processes and emotional needs, as well as different body parts and physical issues.

You can think of your chakras as traffic circles.  And your thoughts as the cars moving through the traffic circle.  And the movement of the cars as energy.

When your thoughts are chaotic, the energy is chaotic.  You can feel this physically.  For example have you ever felt like you’ve been “punched in the gut” after someone says something to you?  Or “butterflies in your stomach” when you’re nervous.  This is the energy of thoughts.

Overtime, this chaotic energy can cause physical issues.  Think of the roads in the traffic circle as your physical body.  When the cars (thoughts) are driving recklessly, the roads (your body) will have more wear and tear.

What is Chakra Breathing?

A method of focused breathing that involves moving energy through your chakras.  This technique calms your energy.  With calm energy, your mind quiets and you feel relaxed.  When you relax there is space in between your thoughts.  This space allows wisdom and guidance to enter.

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