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Are you ready to make a change
and explore your full potential?Photo of ipad with Chakra Tea Meditation video with flower and teacup in the background

with our Chakra Tea Meditations

Chakra Meditation Music

Our downloadable album includes 7 20-minute chakra music meditations created to align with the energy of your 7 chakras.

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Chakra Tea Meditation Card Deck

49 Illustrated Cards:  each card defines a strength that will help you awaken your full potential.  Includes instructions for journaling and meditations.

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Enjoy a cup of tea!

We’d like to invite you to enjoy a cup of tea as you begin to tap into your full potential. Simply prepare a cup of your favorite herbal tea…

Let's meditate!

Start creating the life
and relationships you desire

5 signs that you’re pushing through life:

  1. You’re noticing that the same fears, struggles, and arguments keep showing up in your life.

  2. You look for ways to numb yourself at the end of the day, typically starting with a glass of wine which quickly leads to the whole bottle.

  3. Your emotional reactivity scares you at times.

  4. You fantasize about moving far away from the people closest to you.

  5. You’re becoming increasingly frustrated because you have a deep knowing that you are meant to do more.

Are you ready to make a change?

We’re here to listen.

Our Chakra Tea Meditations will help you:

  1. Reconnect to all the things that make you wonderful.

  2. Organize your thoughts and quiet your mind, so you can listen to the real you, the one you know is waiting to be heard.

  3. Improve your relationships by changing your patterns, your emotional habits, and your reactions to the triggers that keep showing up.

  4. Build strategies for those days when you’re feeling completely defeated and overwhelmed.

  5. Provide a simple daily ritual to help you to tap into your full potential.

  6. Become the person you love, so you can enjoy seeing the world change around you.

We incorporate these simple, yet powerful techniques into our practice:

•  Tea meditations

•  Energy healing

•  Chakra music

•  Journaling

•  Visualization

•  Our specialized 7 step process to developing and refining the strengths that reside within you

Our process always begins with you asking yourself….
“What do I need today?”

It’s so simply, yet so powerful.

All the Wisdom and Strength to reach your full potential resides within your 7 Chakras.

Our mission is to help you tap into this Wisdom and Strength with our Chakra Tea Meditations, so you can become the person you love.

Chakra Tea Meditations Awakening your full potential


POOR ME: The Power of Observing, Owning, and Releasing My Emotions

We’ll help you release the emotions and thoughts that are getting in your way with our healing Chakra Tea Meditations

Don’t have time to meditate?

Let us help. It’s as simple as enjoying a cup of tea!

Become the person you love!

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