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We’ve been on a mission together since 2010 to create Chakra Tea Meditations to help you become the person you love.

Kara Lynch


I founded Poor Me Tea in 2009, an herbal collection of Chakra Teas created to inspire emotional well-being.  

I’ve been growing herbs for over 15 years and currently have over 70 herbs for tea on our 4 acres in Connecticut. My passion is to help people connect with their own Chakra Herbs specific to the unique needs of each of their 7 chakras.

I received my Masters of Health Science as a Physician Assistant in 2001. Since 2011, I’ve been working in Geriatric Psychiatry treating depression and anxiety in the elderly population.  

I’m inspired by the strength and calmness of mind achieved by the use of Complementary Medicine techniques, such as meditation, yoga, energy healing, and aromatherapy.

Josh Black


Josh is a father, musician, and a nature lover. His bachelor’s degree is in Social Work and he has many years of experience working with developmentally disabled children and adults, as well as adults with combined mental illness and substance abuse issues.

Josh has been a musician since childhood and enjoys teaching private guitar, bass, ukulele, and voice lessons. He has performed a wide range of music genres for people of all ages.

Josh has a strong connection with the outdoors and enjoys hiking, foraging, and bird watching. He loves to share his knowledge about wildlife and nature, as well as create pencil drawings of his observations.

Josh and Kara


Josh and I were born 11 hours apart in June of 1969. We met 40 years later on a Halloween night at my neighbors house. We instantly connected.

I was looking for a musician to create the chakra music for a meditation CD. We made plans to get together the following weekend to create some music.

When Josh walked into my house, I thought to myself “This might be more than music.” We’ve been together ever since. Josh and I are both artists, nature lovers, mushroom foragers, hikers, and bird watchers.  

We’re both passionate about helping people become everything they dream they can be.

The Origin of Poor Me Tea and the Big Ol’ Pity Party

Poor Me Tea…It all began with a big ol’ pity party

Poor Me Tea was born out of conversations with my sister Kaitlyn. I had been feeling extremely overwhelmed and defeated with the way my life was turning out.

I was super stressed by long hours at work, drowning in debt, heartbroken by another failed relationship, depressed with my living situation, not exercising regularly and drinking too much wine.

I felt that I was never going to be happy.

I called my sister to unload. Amongst my complaints, I was sniffling and apologizing, “I know I should be grateful, but I just feel so sad.” Kaitlyn then said “are you kidding me? I had a big old pity party for myself last night!”

Immediately when she said this I burst out laughing because I had never heard of a pity party. I felt this amazing sense of relief and calmness.

I had been feeling completely alone.

It never occurred to me that Kaitlyn would need a pity party. The way she explained it was so healing and freeing. We realized how powerful this method was, the acknowledgement and release of feelings of overwhelm and frustration without apologizes or guilt, was a key to leaving them behind.

We decided that we would create the perfect Pity Party Kit. It was going to have a secret ritual, a candle, and some tea…yes, perfect, every pity party needs “Poor Me Tea”. We talked and talked but neither one of us really had time to follow through with it. This kit was never created.

However, during that time I made some big changes in my life which included:

  • Getting up early to do yoga and walk my dog Freddy.
  • Changing my evening wine habit to an herbal tea habit
  • Checking in with my emotions regularly
  • Listening to guided meditations when I couldn’t sleep
  • Beginning the day by asking myself, “what do I need today?”

A year and a half after our initial conversation, I lost my job. It was one of the best days of my life! I walked out of work that day feeling completely free for the first time in 7 years. I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to create Poor Me Tea and a tea blend called Big Ol’ Pity Party.

I first created Big Ol’ Pity Party Blend™. But something was definitely missing. A pity party from time to time is definitely healthy, but having continuous pity parties felt the opposite of healthy. I decided that creating a line of chakra teas would be the perfect way to break free from unhealthy emotional patterns.

My mission was to provide a line of flavorful, organic herbal tea blends that help provide a road map to your emotions. I spent the next 8 months researching different herbs, blending them, and meditating with them as I focused on each of my 7 chakras. Poor Me Tea was launched at the end of 2009.

I sold my teas at Farmers Markets, local stores, online, and at Holistic Expos. I also held regular events at local yoga studios, women’s clubs, and health food stores.

However by December 2014, I decided to pack up my commercial kitchen.

So what happened to Poor Me Tea? It essentially came down to this quote: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” I wanted to teach about the transformative process I had when I created my line of Chakra Teas.

I decided that rather than providing you with already created Chakra Teas (Give a man a fish…), I can serve you better by teaching you how to connect with your own chakras and to find the herbs that will heal you. No one is going to be better at creating Chakra Teas for your own personal growth than you.

And I promise you, this method will feed you for a lifetime.

Welcome to Poor Me Tea’s Chakra Tea Meditations.

I hope you join us. There’s so much we’d love to share with you.

Poor Me Tea Rescue Dogs

Our Rescue Dogs

 Clancy • June • Duckie • Livvy

We are animal lovers.  We foster dogs who are looking for a permanent home.  We adopted this crew over a period of 2 years.  We also have 4 cats, Mimi, Allie, Pumpkin who showed up on Halloween 2016, and our latest addition, Luna.

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