About Kara and Josh

We’ve been on a mission together since 2010 to create Chakra Tea Meditations to help you become the person you love.

I received my Master of Health Science degree as a Physician Assistant in 2001. I’ve worked in the fields of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Oncology, Women’s Health, and currently in Geriatric Psychiatry.

I first started meditating over 20 years ago after I was diagnosed with multiple precancerous polyps in my colon. I’m thankful to my Nurse Practitioner, my doctors, my surgeons, and Bernie Siegel’s books and meditations for saving my life.


Josh and I met on Halloween night in 2010. We connected immediately. He’s a musician and I was looking for someone to create Chakra Music for a meditation CD.  Interesting fact: We were born 11 hours apart in June 1969.


Josh and I are both artists, nature lovers, mushroom foragers, hikers, and bird watchers.  We’re both passionate about helping people become everything they dream they can be.


Josh is a father, a musician, and a nature lover.  He’s been a musician since he was a child. He currently teaches private guitar, bass, ukulele and voice lessons.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and has played music for people ages 0 to 106 years old.

I founded Poor Me Tea in 2009, an herbal tea line of 8 blends, 7 for each of your chakras and the 8th blend, Big Ol’ Pity Party Blend, for days you needed it. In 2014, I decided to move from manufacturing teas to creating Chakra Tea Meditations with Josh.

Josh and I foster rescue dogs.  We adopted Clancy, June, Duckie, and Livvy.  We also have 3 cats, Mimi, Allie, and Pumpkin.

I’ve been growing herbs for 25 years. I have a beautiful herbal tea garden with over 30 different herbs.  I’m passionate about helping other people connect with herbs and find their own Chakra Herbs, herbs that are specific to the unique needs of each of your 7 chakras.


the Power of Observing, Owning, and Releasing My Emotions
Through Exercising Awareness

We believe in positivity, but we also believe in Honoring and Embracing the part of yourself that feels pain and loneliness, anxiety and fear, jealousy and judgement.

When you stop fighting that side of yourself,
peace and happiness can enter.


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