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Chakra Meditation Music

Music to awaken your full potential

Scroll down to listen to our 1-minute chakra music samples.


What is chakra meditation music?

Chakra meditation music is music created in a specific harmonic frequency to bring healing energy to each of your 7 chakras.

Poor Me Tea’s Chakra Meditation Music was designed by Josh Black to enhance all of your Chakra Tea Meditations. Our meditations combine two powerful healers: Herbs and Music!


How was the chakra music created?

Josh created these meditations with the intention of helping you balance your 7 chakras so that you can tap into the strengths that reside within you.

For each track we sat down together with a cup of herbal tea (of course!) and discussed which chakra Josh was going to focus on.

We talked about the associated body parts, the related thought processes, and the wisdom and strengths that we wanted to help you tap into with these meditations.

We set an intention together for Josh to tap into his own wisdom and strength to create a healing composition.

Josh then tuned his guitar to a tuning centered around the frequency of the chakra discussed and improvised over this alternate tuning to create the music specific to that chakra. Each track is a 20 minute continuous performance.

Bringing in his love of nature, he included sounds that he recorded while spending time in the woods such as frogs, katy-dids, and a running brook. We hope that you find them healing and relaxing.

We started with the Root Chakra and then moved thoughtfully through each chakra over a period of 4 months until Josh concluded the Crown Chakra meditation, completing the entire Chakra Meditation Music Album.

We are excited to share Josh’s creation with you!

What’s included in the Chakra Meditation Music Album?

Our Chakra Meditation Music Album includes 7 20-minute instrumental music meditations, one for each of the 7 chakras: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

Plus we added some Bonuses!

Here’s a sample of our Chakra Meditation Music. Enjoy!

Chakra Tea Meditations, Root Chakra to Crown Chakra

1-Minute Chakra Meditation Music:

Root Chakra: Key of C


Sacral Chakra: Key of D


Solar Plexus Chakra: Key of E


Heart Chakra: Key of F


Throat Chakra: Key of G


Third Eye Chakra: Key of A


Crown Chakra: Key of B


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