Chakra Meditation Music



What is chakra meditation music?

Chakra meditation music is music created to align with the energy of each of your 7 chakras.  

Poor Me Tea’s chakra meditation music is created by Josh Black and was created to enhance all of your Chakra Tea Meditations. 

Josh loves hiking in the woods and recording sounds from nature.  In these chakra recordings, he includes frogs, katy-dids, and a running brook as a background to his guitar melodies.  

Josh uses the following music scale for each chakra:

Chakra 1: C scale
Chakra 2: D scale
Chakra 3: E scale
Chakra 4: F scale
Chakra 5: G scale
Chakra 6: A scale
Chakra 7: B scale


Josh is a father, a musician, and a nature lover.  He enjoys hiking, foraging for mushrooms, and bird watching.  He’s been a musician since he was a child. He currently teaches private guitar, bass, ukulele and voice lessons.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and has played music for people ages 0 to 106 years old.

Josh and I met on a Halloween night at my neighbors house in 2010.  We instantly connected.  I was looking for a musician to create the meditation music for my first CD.  We made plans to get together the following weekend to create some music.

When Josh walked into my house with his great smile, long wavy red hair carrying his guitar and music bag, I thought to myself “This might be more than music.”  We’ve been together ever since.

Josh and I were born 11 hours apart in June of 1969.  I was born in CT and Josh in South Dakota. We both currently live in Burlington, CT.

I constantly run into mothers in town who are excited to share that their children were first introduced to music by Josh when he performed children’s music at our town hall.  He continues to touch many lives with his music.


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