Root Chakra Inspirational Quotes: 1-Minute Meditations

All the wisdom and strength to reach your full potential resides within your 7 chakras.

Your Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine and is related to thoughts about Survival and Security.

We thoughtfully chose the following 7 quotes to help you tap into the wisdom of your Root Chakra.

Simply enjoy a cup of tea as you listen to the chakra balancing music and reflect on the messages below.

Root Chakra Reflective Meditation:

  1. Prepare a cup of your favorite herbal tea.
  2. Read through the quotes below and choose one that speaks to you.
  3. Turn on the Root Chakra Meditation Music and close your eyes. 
  4. Reflect on the quote as you breathe gently, taking in the aroma of your tea with each inhalation. And then gently exhaling.
  5. Write your reflections in your journal as you enjoy your cup of tea.
  6. Share your insights below!

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Grounding Reflective Chakra Meditation

Grounding: The ability to tap into the strengths and resources that will allow me to awaken my full potential

quote "you will never see your full potential until you seek your full potential" Nick Vujicic Root Chakra Inspirational Quote

Nourishment Reflective Chakra Meditation

Nourishment: The ability to identify the foods that nourish me physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually


Vitality Reflective Chakra Meditation

Vitality: The ability to wake up rested, refreshed, and energized


Belonging Reflective Chakra Meditation

Belonging: The ability to find the people that nourish my soul


Support Reflective Chakra Meditation

Support: The strength to ask for and accept help when I need it

Structure Reflective Chakra Meditation

Structure: The ability to prioritize, plan, and add order to my life

Security Reflective Chakra Meditation

Security: The ability to calmly, consciously, and creatively take control of my financial situation

 We would love to hear any insights that came to you in your Chakra Tea Meditation.  

Please leave a comment below.


Enjoy a cup of tea!
Kara and Josh

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