What’s your relationship with time?

I woke up this morning, as I do some mornings, wondering if I would have enough time to do all the things I needed to do today.  I started making lists in my head and calculating how I would get it all done.

What should I prioritize?

I searched for an answer. I’ve been told I should enjoy life more, have more fun.  How could I possibly schedule fun today? 

I promised my dogs yesterday that we’d take a long walk together since it had been cold and raining all week and the forecast for today was for the rain to end by mid morning. So this was a priority, but what about the rest of the things I needed to do for today, this week, the next few months…

I had a bit of anxiety sitting in my chest, so as I lay in bed I began gently breathing through my chakras and scanning my body.  I observed my thoughts, listened to my thought habits, and tried to feel the emotions that were alive in me.

I was able to get into a rhythmic breath as I breathed through my chakras, but some of my most persistent thoughts kept popping up.  

I wondered…”What are my blockages, my limiting beliefs that make me feel like I’m not getting things done? Why do I feel like I’m behind in life?” I realized that this line of questioning was very familiar.

I considered that there must be something that’s stopping me from being where I think I should be right now.  I was having some difficulty completely relaxing and allowing myself to get into the calm peacefulness of certainty and faith.

I got out of bed knowing that a cup of tea and a brain dump journaling session was going to be what I needed this morning.  I wasn’t in the right state of mind to begin my Chakra Tea Meditation at the time. I knew I’d be squirming in my seat. It would be forced and unfocused. 

I knew today I needed some preparation before I began meditation.

I always start with herbal tea.

I set the tea kettle on the stove and began to tidy the kitchen as the water warmed.  My kitchen compost container was overflowing with vegetable scraps from the winter soups I prepared in the crockpot yesterday, so I went outside to empty it into my compost pile.  It was warmer than usual this morning, and still wet from last night’s rain.

I found myself walking out to my garden labyrinth.  I hadn’t been out there in weeks, maybe even a month since Fall never showed up.  We went straight from Summer to Winter here in Connecticut this year.

I walked across the foot bridge that crosses the brook in my backyard, past the roses, grapes, and hops that had died back for the winter.  

As I walked up to the labyrinth, I saw big patches of green along one of the rows. As I walked closer, I heard a voice in my head say “Look at all that thyme!” 

And it hit me just like that…a reminder that there is always time.

I smiled at this message that I received loud and clear.  The wisdom from the herbs. I realized that I do have time today. Just like I do everyday…look at all that time!

I thanked thyme for this message and for giving me a fresh perspective to start my day. I harvested a couple of sprigs and added it to my morning tea–adding a little spice to the lavender and fresh lemon peel that I had chosen for this morning’s meditation.  

The brain dump was no longer needed, I received exactly what I needed to relieve my worry.

I then shuffled my deck of Chakra Tea Meditation cards, asked myself “What do I need today?” and the card that appeared was:

Purpose: An understanding of the significant meaning of my life beyond personal gratification.

What a beautiful reminder to get outside of my head and to get out into the world and enjoy more time with the people and things I love.

What’s your relationship with time?

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